These are 6mm ceiling boards nailed or screwed into brandering, joined with a steel H-Strip joiner strip. We don’t suggest skimming a 6mm ceiling board. The board is not manufactured to allow the for the extra layer of plaster required on the joints or to carry the weight of the plaster across the complete ceiling board and therefore sags.

Flushed Plastered ceilings (Full skim) are ideal for a class finish to a client We do not compromise on quality of the board, and insist on installing a 9mm board, as the 6mm board is not manufactured to carry the weight of the plaster and tends to sag over time.

Grid system is suspended/hung from a concrete slab or roof truss and used in offices due to the ease of access into the roof (to run various cables, and adaptable for change).

600 x 600 & 1200 x 600

Lay-In Grid on an exposed tee system, with recessed edge which then accommodate various ceiling tiles.

Lay-In Systems are available with various ceiling tiles – from the most cost-effective vinyl tile to the most expensive rebated edge, acoustic tiles

IsoBoard can be used to thermally insulate many existing buildings which require upgrading with respect to comfort levels or energy efficiency. IsoBoard is suitable to be installed as a ceiling, either beneath an existing ceiling, or between trusses or rafters or simply as a nail up.


Dry walling gives a smooth finish and is completed in half the time of traditional brick and mortar. Wall come in various heights and widths depending on the height required.

We create specialised firewalls as well as custom niche drywalling such a false fireplace chimneys which can incorporate a gas fireplace.

Aluminium system office partitions are made with an aluminium profile and fitted with glass to create an enclosure or screen off areas to create privacy.


Aluminium shopfronts are an attractive and modern solution for all types of Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties. There are numerous designs of shopfronts available. The entrance and frontage of a shop, office or showroom is the face of the business, and creates the first and often lasting impression. Wide range of services such as Toughened Glass Shopfronts, Curtain Walling and so on.


A box is created against the wall, dropping down from the original ceiling height. Can be used for down lights to highlight art on a wall, or to tie in two rooms with differing ceiling heights.

Creating a feature in the middle of the room or dividing two areas is where a U-shaped bulkhead would be installed. Often used to mirror a central work unit in a kitchen, or bar area. Ideal for the drawing attention to a unique light / chandelier.

This bulkhead is built with two levels or steps. This design has the tendency for giving a room the feeling of height. It works well in areas where there are structural lintels that need to be hidden with an elegant solution.

A light trough is a gap created above the standard ceiling height in order to produce a superior effect on the area. Used to section or highlight areas in an open plan room, alternatively used to add a dramatic impression. Placing lights in the light trough on a different circuit to the main lighting will create a romantic, calming atmosphere.


• Casement Windows
• Sliding Windows (Horizontal and vertical sliding)
• Stacking Windows
• Fixed Pane Windows

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements on any other aluminium product not listed and we will be more than happy to work with you in achieving your idea.


• Aluminium Sliding Doors / Patio Doors
• Folding Stacking Doors
• Hinged Aluminium Doors
• Pivot Doors
• Bi Fold Doors
• Automated Doors

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements on any other aluminium product not listed and we will be more than happy to work with you in achieving your idea.